YCT Series Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Asynchronous Motor

Product Details:

YCT Series Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Asynchronous motor (abbreviated from henceforth as A.S. motor) is a simple and reliable variable speed device, it consists of a squirrel cage induction motor, an electric slip coupling (hereinafter referred to coupling) and a controller. It is especially suited to constant-torque load applications: especially suitable used for fan, blower and pump. 

The A.S. motor can be continuously and smoothly adjusted with in the specified speed range and output the rated torque. The output speed can be held nearly constant by automatically changing the coupling excitation based on the action of negative feedback of the controller whenever the load varies. This adjusting method is much simple, more positive and economical than other means.


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YVP Series Three-phase Frequency Controlled Asynchronous Motor

Product Details:

YVP series three-phase frequency controlled asynchronous motor possesses a wide range of speed regulation. It can match with a variety of converter to comprise an A.C. stepless adjustable frequency driving system. At the low speed (5~50Hz), this motor can run smoothly under constant torque without torque oscillation, and has a larger starting torque and a smaller stating current and delivers constant output power at high speed (50~100Hz). Its mounting arrangements and mounting dimensions are all according to Y series three-phase asynchronous motor. As cooling fan in built in so under different speeds the cooling effects is good.

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