Tempered Glass

Products Details:

The treatment process of tempered and best strengthened glass is as when heating glass close to molten point, to carry out even and rapid cooling treatment on the surface of glass, this enhancing the strength and thermal stability.

The surface stress of tempered glass is above 90 Mpa, and that of best strengthened glass is between 24 and 69 Mpa.





Curved Tempered Glass

Products Details:

Curved tempered glass is shaped by dies controlled by computer, and rapidly and uniformly cooled immediately after it is heated to the designed shape. This kind of glass has all the good properties of flat tempered glass.






Laminated Glass

Products Details:

Laminated Glass is manufactured by permanently bonding two or more layers of glass with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer, under heat and pressure, to create a single construction. Its outlook is basically same as that of common annealed glass. Because the tenacity of PVB is very hight, the film will absorb enough shock energy rapidly and reduce it when interlayer glass is impacted by outside force, thus this kind of glass is hard to break. Meanwhile, thanks to film's bonding performance, the glass will not break off after its breaking, and still have the ability of shielding. From those we can see, laminated glass is the true secure glass, which can be widely applicable for window & door, curtain wall, daylighting roof, clearstory, shopwindow, counter, etc.






Self-Cleaning Glass

Products Details:

Washing with solar energy and rain/wind, keeping clean and environment-friendly.

The only ultraviolet/uv excitated self-cleaning glass in home and abroad market.






Super-white Glass

Products Details:

Super-white glass, also called low-iron glass or highly-transparent glass, is super transparent low-iron glass. It is new high-quality, multi-functional, and high-grade glass. Its transparency ratio is up to 91.5%. Featuring transparency and nobleness, it is named as "crystal prince" in the glass family. Equipped with all performances typical of high-quality float glass, and is the most secure float glass. Ordinary float glass blew rate 3/1000, ultra-white glass blew was 3/10000, using ultra-white tempered glass curtain wall blew rate will be lower, more secure. it can be used deeply processed and used in products such as partitions, doors and windows, wall curtains, display cabinets, sunshine roof, aquarium, craft works, glass furniture, and bathroom products.






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